Introducing The Little Guys

Delivering Fresh Local Food To Your Doorstep

The Little Guys in Wetherby are here to help you to do a small but all important part of your weekly shop on your local high street.

Wetherby Shopping

We have heard so many people say how much they’d like to do this and their reasons include ……

  • to feel part of their local community
  • support hard-working specialist business owners
  • sustain local jobs in retail businesses and in the farming community
  • to access the freshest high quality local produce for their family
  • sustain their local economy and it’s future

You only needed to see the queues out of the butchers at Christmas to see that people really do love to buy locally.

Wetherby High Street2

So Why Don’t People Do It ?……

Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons why people can’t and don’t make the most of their local shops ….

  • limited parking spaces and the dreaded traffic warden
  • carrying heavy produce from shop to shop
  • it rains quite a lot in Yorkshire (not as much as in Lancashire mind you)
  • the myth that local shops are more expensive – they aren’t !
  • shop opening hours clash with work and school times

Well, Now There’s A Solution!

The Little Guys are offering a FREE mid-week delivery service from Wetherby’s high street retailers to homes in LS22, LS23 and the free delivery also includes to postcodes in these  surrounding areas. We can even deliver to your place of work if that suits you better.


We are sure you have been encouraged to ‘Taste the Difference’, choose ‘The Finest’ or buy ‘The Best’, well now you actually can !

Lamb Burgers
Choose From Several Options in Four Pack Sizes

How It Works

Each week we are offering four conveniently sized, mid-week packs containing a fantastic mix of fresh seasonal vegetables, local meat, local eggs and fresh fruit, and if you prefer, there is a meat-free veggie box option, a fruit bowl full and a weekend breakfast box too.

Each mid-week pack has enough fresh produce to create at least three hearty evening meals for you and your family.  

In our ‘Little Guys Community’ and on our social media sites we want to make shopping more fun and there you will find 

  • Recipe and meal ideas
  • Free competitions
  • Areas for you to share photos and show off your creations !
  • Local ‘Foodie’ News
  • We will also be including ‘freebies’ from time to time! 


Why not start shopping locally in Wetherby and give ‘The Little Guys’ a go! 🙂

Shopping in Wetherby
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